RENO (Devil’s Disciples MC Book 5) by Scott Hildreth

RENO (Devil’s Disciples MC Book 5)

By Scott Hildreth


A psychotic kidnapper with a gun. A blindfolded ride to a ruthless drug dealer’s compound. Torture. A slow death. These were the things that were waiting for me in the parking lot while I worked the evening shift of what was sure to be my last day on earth.

Then, “he” came in for dinner.

He had a loud Harley-Davidson, a dry sense of humor, a contagious laugh, and seven friends.

All he wanted was an enchilada dinner.

But. He was my only hope.

So, I handed him his meal, gestured to the parking lot, and told him my story.

As he sauntered toward the parking lot no differently than he would have walked into a bar, I wondered just who this man was.

Finding the answer to that question wasn’t as easy as a person might think.

But it was the best ride of my life.


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My Review

I’ve been a fan of Mr Hildreth’s writing ever since I read Hard. And to bring the majority of the FFMC back into Reno’s book just thrills me. But I out right laughed at the “carving” argument between Crip and Reno.

The whole relationship that begins to develop between Reno and Carma is completely unique. Neither have been in a relationship or a good relationship before, so seeing these two find their way is heartwarming. But there are definitely some major obstacles in their way. And I will be forever grateful to Tito.

One question though, is Reno his real name or just the club name? One point in the book he was asked his full name and his response was Re-No, but that was in response to a cop.

Reno is one of Mr, Hildreth’s best books. I was laughing, sighing, and on the edge of my seat at various points in this book. Now, to impatiently wait for Tito’s book.

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