About Me

Hi! I’m Susan and I started this blog. I wasn’t real creative when coming up with a name, just plain and simple “Susan’s Books I Like”. See, I’ve always loved reading, and through Facebook I’ve gotten to “know” several authors. I also wanted a place I could share these books away from my personal page, hence my little blog was born.

At first, I was sharing only books and authors I liked. Now, I will share just about any book. Every book is some authors heart and soul that he, she, or they worked very hard to produce. So, I’ll share it most of the time. It may not be the type I normally read, but it is the kind of book someone, somewhere might enjoy.

So, I hope you will enjoy and join me on my little endeavor. And take the plunge once in a while and try a book outside your normal style, you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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