DIRTY by Scott Hildreth


by Scott Hildreth

OK, I’m officially hooked on this series.


My Review

DIRTY is definitely more of an edge of your seat type of book. The way this starts with Alexandra/Lex, that should happen to no one. And would be something she will have to live with through no fault of her own. But Cholo/Adam finds her and the others. Rescues them and then one of the sweetest love stories starts. Yes, there is a 10 year difference between Cholo & Lex, but the relationship that develops is a magical one. I loved Cholo’s awkward questions to Crip and Pee Bee. But their troubles are not over. The gang Cholo helped rescue the girls from, they now want their drug money.

This was one book I had a really hard time putting down. The detective shows up again, starting to like him a bit better, but he still calls Pee Bee “Peanut Butter”. Now, on to RIGID (see told you I was hooked!)


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