LOST RIDER by Harper Sloan

LOST RIDERBy Harper Sloan 
I haven’t read a “cowboy” story for probably close to 20 years. Just the type of story that really hasn’t appealed to me for quite some time. I ALMOST took a pass at this book, but it’s by one of my all time favorite authors. And I have to admit, I really enjoyed it. 
Maverick had a very rough childhood and left town, leaving the girl he loved behind. But when he comes back, oh how I hated that jackass. He was rude and nasty to Clay, Quinn and especially to Leigh (of course the jerk didn’t recognize her either). But I believe a lot of that had to stem from the reason he was back in town.
Maverick and Leighton have a magical love. Strong and independent in each of their own rights, but together… they are so much more!
My favorite side character was Marybeth Perkins. I really wish there had been more of her in this book and I truly hope to see more of her in the rest of this series. When she grabbed Maverick’s ear… smh. 
Now I’m impatiently waiting for Clay and Quinn to get their stories.

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