UNTIL Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds

These are books I’ve had for a couple of years. Had some free time over the holidays and decided it was time to finally read these. Especially since I’ve enjoyed so many of her other books. So, here are the reviews, short and sweet, of each of the books in Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Until series.


What a fun read! I couldn’t put it down once I started! One of the best love-at-first-sight books I’ve read. And there was nothing like the way Asher stuck his foot in his mouth when meeting November for the first time. Of course there is also the Asher-fog that November “suffers” from. I just loved how these two came together and the magic they make.

I have had this book for a while and I’m a little mad at myself for taking so long to read it. You get glimpses of the other Mayson brothers, now I can’t wait to get to Trevor’s book now!


Love the dynamic between these two. Liz and Trevor go together perfectly. I had to chuckle everytime he hauled, dragged or put her where he wanted her. I enjoyed the glimpses into the new things going on with Asher and November. And of course the upcoming glipses into Cash’s story. One slight disappointment, Liz has an allergic reaction for the first time. Testing, given an Epipen then nothing. Irregardless I love this book! Off to start book 3 now.


This is now my favorite in Aurora’s Until series. Cash and Lilly are great. Love the connection between these two. Jules is absolutely crazy, and not the good kind. Lilly’s parents are hysterical. Loved her dad.

I was thrilled Lilly gave Cash a second chance. They definitely had some struggles. But I loved how easily Lilly accepted Jax. Once again, a great story with great characters!


The fourth and final book in Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Until series. I really enjoyed it, but I think, Until Lilly is still my favorite.

One thing I have to say, Nico is definitely determined. Or that returning a phone would totally change his life for the better. I love Nico’s patience with Sofia, but yet gives her a push or nudge every so often. And of course, you have the added drama of someone trying to break into Sofia’s house.

Certainly enough going on to make you wonder what will happen next or how it will end. Great story from a great author and a great way to end this series. I’m so glad she has continued on with stories for the kids as the Until Her and Until Him series.

Aurora Rose Reynolds is absolutely one of my one-click authors. I will not hesitate to buy any new releases.

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