A HOLE LOTTO LOVING by T.L. Wainwright

A tale of Lust, love and Lotto only 99p/99c

By T.L Wainwright
“Jay, are you awake?”
“Sorry, I’m having difficulty sleeping,” he groans. “Maybe I should go to the spare room so I don’t disturb you.”
“Is it too warm for you? I have an electric fan it you want me to put it on.”
“It’s not that, well not the way that you’re thinking anyway.”
“I don’t understand,” I say over my shoulder.
“Lynnie, I’m struggling,” he lets out a deep sigh. “I thought I could do this but hell, I’m a hot blooded heterosexual man. The need to touch you is unbearable, especially when my dick wants to nuzzle your hot arse.” I give in to my urge and I slip my hand behind me, making contact with his erection, my fingers tracing the outline covered with the thin fabric.
“F*#k!” he groans out. I continue to caress him, fascinated by the size and firmness growing further from my touch, amazed at the effect I seem to be having on him. I know I’m punching well above my weight, as this man is way out of my league. The contact is lost, as he pulls me over onto my back and his body hovers above me. “We need to stop now, otherwise I will be past the point of no return,” he growls. “I want you Lynnie, I think that’s obvious, but what do you want? I want you to be sure because when you touch me like that, you’re only giving me one kind of signal.”
“I do want this Jay, I so want this.”
“F*#k, you don’t know how much I wanted you to say that,” he sighs as he crushes his mouth to mine. “I want to show you how beautiful you are, touch every inch of you until your body trembles. I want to make you come hard, so I can watch the flash of ecstasy in your eyes.”

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Author Info

T.L Wainwright
Leeds born and breed. Loves nothing more than curling up with a good ebook or stroking my signed paperbacks. By day export manager. By night writer of hot and saucy romances, with a little angst and a smidgen of Yorkshire humour. Definitely targeted to the adult audience that love a hot ass guy and a real woman.
“It was like Fifty and Crossfire had a baby and T.L Wainwright delivered it.” Goodreads Review for Naughty but Rice.”
My friends call me Trace. I’ve lived in Leeds, West Yorkshire all my life. Married for over 20 years with a grown up daughter. I love being a Brit but adore everything American and Canadian, especially hot hockey players.
When I regained my own time and space (said daughter no longer relying on said mamma) I started reading again. I became obsessed consuming 3-4 books a week. Against my better judgment and not even having a GCSE in English, I dipped my toe into the writing pool in April 2015. My first book went live the following July. I’ve since gone on to published more and I’ve also been involved with a couple of Anthologies. I love everything that the book world has to offer including the charismatic fans, bloggers and authors who continue to amaze me. It has been a total revelation to me.
My moto… Dreams Are Real, Imagination A Necessity – Love to Read. Live to Write. And I have the tattoo to prove it.

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