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Naughty But Rice/Rice Back At You..

When 26 year old Amy Reed’s promotion sends her down to London, she gets a lot more than she bargains for. The hot American she meets in the hotel bar, is more than willing to show her exactly what sexploits she’s been missing for the past few years, but will she give into temptation…


“Good morning can I help you?” asks the impeccably dressed receptionist.

“Good morning. Yes, Miss Reed from Logistics PLC. I am here for a 10am meeting with Ms O’Rourke from R Corporation,” trying to come across as professional as possible for a simple Northern lass.
“Please take the lift to level 32 and Ms O’Rourke will meet you there,” she directs.

I thank her, finding myself wishing I had lost that extra few pounds, as I try to reduce the noise of my heels clicking on the marble floor. Stepping into the empty lift and up I go. As the panic rises, my throat begins to close and I have a delightful taste of coffee and bile in my mouth. Popping in a tic-tac, I try to control the feeling of nausea and the risk of hyperventilating. “Breathe in 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4” grateful that I don’t have an audience.

“Hello, you must be Miss Reed from Logistics,” a gorgeous, slim, long legged, blond woman greets me, putting out her manicured hand, taking mine for a gentle but firm shake. Bitch!

She makes me sick.

“I am Mr Rice’s personal assistant, if you care to follow me, I will take you to him. He is waiting just up here in the executive meeting room.”

Well this is not good! I assumed I would be meeting one of the company’s managers, not the main dude and owner of the company. Shit! Talk about lamb to the slaughter. Get out your Wet Stone and sharpen up you’re cleavers, we will eat well tonight men!
“Let me take you in and make the introductions.”

As we go through the solid dark mahogany doors the strap of the laptop bag slips from my shoulder, my attention distracted. I make a grab for it as the last thing I need is to damage company property, but end up spilling the marketing packs and the contents of my handbag, Tampons and all.

“F… Fudge,” thinking I’ve made a good save on not swearing, until I look up and see the very same smouldering brown eyes that had burned in my mind less than eight hours earlier. “OH FUCK!”
Mumbling and fumbling, I desperately scrabble around, trying to retrieve the contents of my bag, making a beeline for the tampons first. I see Tall Dark and Handsome, who I now know to be Mr Isaac Rice, bending down to join me in my quest, cheekily inspecting each item with a smirk on his face. I think I see something flash into his pocket, but I’m quickly distracted by the pair of rolled up socks he holds in front of me. “Erm! In case I get cold feet.” Snapping my hand out at lightning speed, and shoving the items back in my bag. Along with the 2p and 10p coins, open packet of chewing gum, fluff, and a half eaten breakfast bar. I wish I had remembered it earlier, as my stomach growled at the sight of it. Fab, even more embarrassment.

On standing up, I notice that there are three other people sitting at the table. A middle aged fair haired woman with a kind smile and a hint of sympathy showing in her eyes at my misfortune. The two younger suited and booted men are less so, and highly amused, struggling to keep a straight face but losing the battle. I sort of regain my composure as the introductions are made, but make a less than confident attempt at getting through the blurb and presentation. I do, however impress myself a little, as fortunately when we get to the Q & A, the answers seem to roll off my tongue with ease.

“Well thank you Miss Reed, I think we have all the information we need at this time. Please allow me to walk you out,” as Mr Rice stands and opens the door.

I do the usual handshakes and thank you’ to his colleagues before leave the room.

His assistant moves towards us, but he waves her away as he puts his hand on the curve of my back, guiding me towards the lift. “It’s okay Brenna I got this,” Ms O’Rourke or ‘Brenna’ shoots me a look that makes me wonder what her problem is. Maybe she has a thing for Mr Rice? I sure ain’t no competition against her high end sophistication. I’m just a plain Jane from Leeds with as much grace as a baby hippo.

As we round the corner from her view, waiting for the lift, I feel the heat radiating from his body, which is only inches away.
“You will be free for dinner with me tonight?” sounding like a statement rather than a question.

“My train back to Leeds is at 8.30 this evening so…”

“Rearrange it for the morning,” he replies before I can even finish. “I wish to discuss details of your company further and what you can offer me.”

“I think everything you need can be found in the Company Pack,” I reply, feeling a little under pressure.

“Maybe so, but I would prefer to hear it from you. I will send a car to collect you from your hotel lobby at seven, wear something casual. I hope you like Italian? Goodbye Miss Reed, I will see you this evening.” Not letting me get a word in edge ways, I step into the lift and as I turn to speak, he reaches into his pocket and waves a pair of black lace skimpy knickers in front of him. “Plus, I may give you these back!”

The doors close before it even registers that they are my emergency pants, which must have made an escape from my bag with all the other pesky items. That will teach me to zip my bag up. I lean against the side wall gob smacked, and try to take stock of the last 24 hours, but can’t help smiling at the fact that the hottest man I’ve seen in a long time, has my pants, and a feeling of relief that at least they are a sexy pair.

Excerpt from Naughty But Rice by T.L Wainwright

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 Author Info

T.L Wainwright

Leeds born and breed. Loves nothing more than curling up with a good ebook or stroking my signed paperbacks. By day export manager. By night writer of hot and saucy romances, with a little angst and a smidgen of Yorkshire humour. Definitely targeted to the adult audience that love a hot ass guy and a real woman.

“It was like Fifty and Crossfire had a baby and T.L Wainwright delivered it.” Goodreads Review for Naughty but Rice.”

My friends call me Trace. I’ve lived in Leeds, West Yorkshire all my life. Married for over 20 years with a grown up daughter. I love being a Brit but adore everything American and Canadian, especially hot hockey players.

When I regained my own time and space (said daughter no longer relying on said mamma) I started reading again. I became obsessed consuming 3-4 books a week. Against my better judgment and not even having a GCSE in English, I dipped my toe into the writing pool in April 2015. My first book went live the following July. I’ve since gone on to published more and I’ve also been involved with a couple of Anthologies. I love everything that the book world has to offer including the charismatic fans, bloggers and authors who continue to amaze me. It has been a total revelation to me.

My moto… Dreams Are Real, Imagination A Necessity – Love to Read. Live to Write. And I have the tattoo to prove it.

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