Something a bit new

I always share books. New releases, re-releases, book tours, pre-orders, etc. That isn’t going to change. I still believe every book, whether indie or traditional published is someone’s hard work and deserves a shout out.

What I’m thinking about is starting to just post general comments, thoughts and such. I frequently sign up to review new books for an upcoming release. But with the holidays, I have a bit of a lull and am having the chance to read a few books that I bought some time ago but have never had the chance or time to read yet. Right now, I’m reading the Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. I had a good friend tell me how great these books were, but I just never found the time to read them until now. And WOW, these books are so good. I’ve read some of her newer books, most recently, Until Ashlyn, but now I’m happy to say I’m about 1/4 of the way through Until Nico.

I think I might also start posting my reviews here. Amazon and I are not friends. For those that don’t know, they have pulled every past review I’ve written and will not let me post any new ones. Posting reviews here, I hope might help the authors. And I promise, I do not write long reviews, I just don’t have the knack. I’m afraid I might list spoilers if my review gets too lengthy.

Anyway, that’s the goals for this year.

One thought on “Something a bit new

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