Dream F*#ks and Hard Drives by T.L. Wainwright

*~*~* Hot Hot Hot *~*~*Dream F*#k’s And Hard Drives

By T.L Wainwright

£2.99/$2.98 only for a fab read.
He has the perfect profile. Well almost perfect. The slight raise and twist in his nose causing it to be slightly crooked and the wisps of beard hair that are not in formation with the rest, gives his face character. His lips! How the hell did I miss those lips? The plump flesh with a slight natural pout incites me to lick my own. I’m strangely mesmerised by his hand resting on the side of his cheek. When he moves it down and starts stroking his beard… Oh Lordy.

“With a little bit of tweaking, I think we can accommodate the additional reports you require. Now is there anything else that you might need adding into the program Imogen?”

The skin has a hint of olive colour, maybe he’s Mediterranean but he doesn’t seem to have an accent of any kind. 

“Imogen.” I smile and nod back at him. 

If I touched him just between the collar of his shirt and under his ear, I wonder if it feels like silk or satin. 

“We just need to sort out your hard drive…”

Hard drive! Thoughts of him, hard humping me from behind, filter into my head and I can feel the heat of a blush spread across my face.

“Now is there anything else that you might need adding into the program Imogen?” 



“What? Yes. Sorry. No, no I think we’ve covered everything.” I blink rapidly bringing me back from my sex infested daydream.

“Was I boring you?” he laughs. “You looked a little spaced out for a minute. Where did you go?”








** Author Info ** 

T.L Wainwright 
Leeds born and breed. Loves nothing more than curling up with a good ebook or stroking my signed paperbacks. By day export manager. By night writer of hot and saucy romances, with a little angst and a smidgen of Yorkshire humour. Definitely targeted to the adult audience that love a hot ass guy and a real woman.
“It was like Fifty and Crossfire had a baby and T.L Wainwright delivered it.” Goodreads Review for Naughty but Rice.”
My friends call me Trace. I’ve lived in Leeds, West Yorkshire all my life. Married for over 20 years with a grown up daughter. I love being a Brit but adore everything American and Canadian, especially hot hockey players.
When I regained my own time and space (said daughter no longer relying on said mamma) I started reading again. I became obsessed consuming 3-4 books a week. Against my better judgment and not even having a GCSE in English, I dipped my toe into the writing pool in April 2015. My first book went live the following July. I’ve since gone on to published more and I’ve also been involved with a couple of Anthologies. I love everything that the book world has to offer including the charismatic fans, bloggers and authors who continue to amaze me. It has been a total revelation to me.
My moto… Dreams Are Real, Imagination A Necessity – Love to Read. Live to Write. And I have the tattoo to prove it.
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Twitter: @wainwright_tl

Instagram: wainwright.tl

Email: ttdwainwright@gmail.com
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