DARKEST TEMPTATION by Charlene M. Martin ~ New Release

***This is book 3 in the whiskey collection, it can be read as a stand alone, but not recommended. ***


Darkest Temptations

          As a
Rebecca Langford serves
clients with serious problems. After one client divulges his darkest secrets
and desires, Rebecca starts to fantasize about her own dark cravings. Hearing
his recollection of the club brings Rebecca to the conclusion that not all
needs are meant to be pushed aside.

       Nathaniel Davenport,
high-priced defense attorney, has lived a promiscuous life. Within the walls of
Wrapped, he finds acceptance. Women need him, crave him, and most of all, want
him for who he is. When Nathaniel overhears a beautiful woman telling her
friend she wants inside Wrapped, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

together, the sexual possibilities abound. Can two people come together simply
for pleasure? Or will emotions play, too? Rebecca enjoys the thrills found but
when her own secrets are revealed, will she survive the fall out?


Temptation can be

It just may destroy Nathaniel and
Rebecca in its playhouse.

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Editorial Review: “Sometimes you have to embrace your dark side to fulfil your darkest
temptations, and should you meet Mr. Right along the way, hold on for the
wildest ride of your life.”
                                                                   ~ Tammie Lee @ For the love of books blog.


Editorial Review: “Hot, dark, and erotic every woman’s Darkest fantasy!”  ~ Elaine Kelly


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at the release party:



                Nate steps out of the
bathroom with nothing but a towel hanging low on his hips. I pause while
clasping my earring. “You need to put some clothes on fast because we don’t
have enough,” I circle my finger pointing at him, “time for that.”
                He chuckles, “I only need five
                Placing my hands on my hips, I
joke, “I’m not sure I’d be bragging about that kind of thing.”
                Nate lunges forward and grabs me
around the waist. I instantly begin to squirm trying to break free from his
grasp while hollering, “Stop you’re getting me all wet.”
                He tickles my ribs, and asks,
“And that’s a bad thing why?”
                I stop moving; he lets me free,
and when I turn out of his arms, I grab the corner of the towel, and rip it off
him exposing his splendor.
                I stand before him confidently
holding the towel in my hand, and inform him, “Not wet like that, smart ass!”
                Nate being Nate reaches his hand
down and firmly grasps his cock while stroking it he asks, “How about now,
                Dropping the towel to the floor
I scold, “Nathaniel Davenport, I told you we don’t have time for this. Now get




Book 1~ The
Sweet Temptation of Whiskey:
(FREE) http://amzn.to/1TONFtQ
Book 2 ~
Darkest Revelations:


Book 3 ~
Darkest Temptations:
(New Release)



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