SASS IN THE CITY by Marianne Morea

Sass in the City 
By Marianne Morea 
“Do you still believe things are meant to be?” 
Her eyes found his. “Not so much anymore.” 
“I didn’t either, but seeing you here... It can’t be just coincidence.” 
Solitary is not an option for a Witch like Lael. Not when your best friend …

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SASSY VIGILANTE by Gracen Miller

Sassy Vigilante 
By Gracen Miller 
 Deader thought he had all he ever wanted. Forensic anthropologist, Nelson “Deader” Montreal, is the bone-whisperer. While he has the success of high profile cases under his belt, his newest investigation is a serial killer dubbed the Redeemer. Unlike other murderers, this one kills some victims and spares others, …

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SASSY HEALING by Willsin Rowe

Sassy Healing By Willsin Rowe     Blurb: Skilled Chicago surgeon Adam Gunnarsson abandoned his wolf heritage—and elitist parents—when heartbreak tore his world apart. And he swore never to let love sink its fangs into him again. When family commitments lure him home, though, his determination is tested by Simone, a spicy human with more …

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