ROUGH by Scott Hildreth

By Scott Hildreth

When I finished HARD, I just couldn’t stop myself and dived right into ROUGH. And I’m so glad I did.

My Review

This book was AMAZING! Loved every bit of it. The way Pee Bee/Brad and Tegan meet was original, to say the least. Her showing up as the potential care giver for his father, and what followed right after, was comical. Pee Bee and Tegan had me chuckling more than Hard, but it is still very much an MC book complete with a few decent other MCs thrown in. And for those who have possibly read Rough or are considering it, muzjik really is a Russian peasant (I just had to check, but wasn’t in my dictionaries I had to Google to make sure.)

Pee Bee and Tegan are positively perfect for each other. And Tegan is a wonderful addition to the FFMC family. Oh, and I love how the pesky detective is starting to call Pee Bee, Peanut Butter. I’m keeping my review a bit short, because I’m dying to get started on Dirty.

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